One Visit Crowns

Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella, Dr. Annie and the entire Today's Family Dental team here in Woodbridge, ON offer one visit dental restorations, an amazing way to restore your teeth in a single visit.

Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella and Dr. Annie offer these same day crowns and restorations, which are a versatile cosmetic solution in a variety of situations. With their many years of cosmetic dentistry training and experience, Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella and Dr. Annie provide our Woodbridge dental patients with CEREC same day dental crowns and restorations that make a tooth stronger and more beautiful, enhancing your smile. Crowns are also effective as “abutment teeth” – being used to hold a bridge in place, or to cover a dental implant or even restore a broken tooth.

Our CEREC system allows our dentists to offer dental work that conservatively replicates your original tooth. You can actually watch as your beautiful and natural-looking restoration is fabricated right in our office!

Not only will you love the fact that you will receive your restoration in one visit, you will also not have to suffer through the old fashioned style of impression material as the CEREC system does not require that type of impression, it is done through imagery.

If you have any questions about our CEREC system, ask any one of our Today's Family Dental team members for more details, and get ready to smile!