Dental Bonding

Are minor flaws keeping your smile from being a reflection of who you really are, professionally and personally? Bonding can completely remove those annoying flaws, in just on visit! Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella and Dr. Annie are able to help you with this simple but effective cosmetic procedure.

This one appointment dental procedure is an effective quick-fix. Cosmetic bonding can close smaller sized gaps in the teeth, or make minor repairs to teeth that are chipped, cracked or stained.

Unlike veneers, which are produced in a laboratory over a period of weeks, cosmetic bonding is done free-hand by Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella or Dr. Annie here in our office. With more than 30 years experience combined, Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella and Dr. Annie have the cosmetic casework to produce outstanding restorations that look completely natural.

Conservative and Comfortable
Bonding is also the most conservative way to reshape, or change the appearance of a tooth - without having to reduce any tooth structure. Bonding does have some limits to its use, but can be a very cost effective option to instantly create a beautiful transition.

At Today's Family Dental, Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella and Dr. Annie can help you find the smile that nature intended you to have. Please feel free to speak with any of our Woodbridge, ON team members today about the benefits of bonding.