Dental Bridges

Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella and Dr. Annie offer a wide variety of functional and cosmetic treatments. For those missing some of their teeth, Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella and Dr. Annie offer a bridge treatment that can repair the social and physical strain missing teeth may cause you. Bridge work is a permanent method for replacing missing teeth to help you improve your smile and health. 

Bridge procedures are used in cases where there are missing teeth or a worn-down tooth structure, utilizing very strong, cosmetic dental materials to restore the teeth to their natural beauty and function. With advancements in technology, all-ceramic (porcelain)materials are used. Sometimes bridges are constructed in conjunction with other cosmetic services, such as porcelain laminates, to create an entire new look. One of the benefits of using a bridge to replace a missing tooth (or teeth) is how natural it looks and feels. No special maintenance is necessary and the restorations generally last for many years. 

When an individual suffers from missing teeth, the support each tooth provides for each other is compromised. Some teeth are used for biting or chewing, while others give shape to your face. Before long, evidence of breakdown is noticed in the remaining teeth, the jaw joint and/or the gums. The use of a bridge, or 'artificial tooth' can prevent these problems. Our Woodbridge, ON team takes great pride in helping all their patients achieve the healthiest most beautiful smile possible. If you have any questions about dental bridges, please feel free to speak with either Dr. Radice, Dr. Perrella, Dr. Annie or one of our Today’s Family Dental team members in Woodbridge today.